"First I'll say, this is just totally different then any other wall art I have..."

Date: 25 Aug 2018

  • Big Country:

"First I'll say, this is just totally different then any other wall art I have. I knew it was going to be something special and it is. It you will need to do a few things to get a "charge". I first hung the canvas in the hall and it didn't glow, which is understandable. I then put it in my bedroom, which worked out even better and I keep the curtains open during the day. The first night, you could see the glow and it's very neat. Now it's not going to be a huge light, or something that will keep you away in the night, if you choose your bedroom. It's just a simple glow and you can make out the art.

The back of the canvas is a special glow material. However it's a very well made piece. Canvas is nicely stretched over the wooden frame and is not loose in the corners or anywhere. You can tell it's done professionally and the material is a very high quality.

I love the bright colors and how this photo looks. There's so much detail, even down to the leaves on the ground. If you look closely there is a walking bridge behind over a bed of water. A very beautiful piece and extra special at night time.

Size is accurate. I love bigget pieces of artwork and that's exactly what this is. So impressed by the quality and craftsmanship and would be happy to recommend." 

  • Newleaf:

 "I recently moved for the 45th and last time and my best friend gave me a gift of this canvas. I have to say, it is absolutely stunning! She and I had looked at this on Amazon and had read that it didn't live up to the night time description, IT DOES! Even if it had not, I would be perfectly content with the dynamic color and depth of the daytime version! I would suggest using the command velcro strips for hanging - super easy even if you're hanging it by yourself! I pasted an image of the nighttime version below my actual hanging canvas to share with friends." 

  • Janna:

"I love this image! We have it placed on a wall near a ceiling light in our front hall and when we turn out all the lights the background does indeed glow! Trying to find more wall space for one of the other images you offer!"

  • Rebecca Aunspaw: 

"This is the statement piece in our bedroom. The glow can still be seen with the tv on. We love it. The packaging it came in was secure. Great company!"


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