"The art work is beautiful..."

Date: 03 Aug 2018

  • Russell D Bowden:

 "The art work is beautiful. The instructions indicate the mural has to be "charged" with light for a short time to achieve glow-ness. After a couple of days I was contemplating returning the item as it did not glow. On charge-day-three it finally kicked in, and how! I'm recommending it with the added instruction to let it charge in direct sunlight (before installing if installing out of the range of direct sunlight). I took the shade off my lamp and set it (the lamp) on the floor under the mural blasting it with lamplight for a couple of hours. It works and looks great. The seller was very kind and encouraging when I was ready to give up. Enjoy."


  • Sharon Crawford:

 "It looks lovely. The image is printed on three rectangular panels. It was easy for one person to install."


  • ReEm88:

" Awesome customer service 5/5, excellent product made of high quality canvas material 5/5, printed very well and the colors look very natural also they glow like crazy in the dark that they almost light my living room 5/5, 5 Stars without a doubt! "


  • Andy Rodriguez: 

"Love the new wall art! Customer service is amazing."


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