Life as a picture, in lights and shadows

Date: 02 Apr 2018

"Variety, charm and beauty of life are made up of shadows and lights." Lev Tolstoi


Every day in our lives is a permanent wave between lights and shadows. A day that is more burdensome, a less beautiful one, a day of sunshine, another with rainy summer rains or cold rain and long lasting rains, but each with its light or shadow.

No day resembles the other, it is not just happiness but we have our sadness, it is not just light but we also face it with its lack in our shadow. But every spot of light highlights the colors of the shade, and every shadow makes the light of our soul better.

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Our thoughts have wings

Date: 02 Apr 2018

Our thoughts have wings and fly in search of peace, balance and happiness!


Surely each of us has met in our lives moments when we have not found the way to fill our lives of peace and harmony. And every time we wanted to change something, but maybe it happened to us to feel a little disoriented, to have the feeling something needs to be changed, but not to know exactly what.

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The secret...

Date: 02 Apr 2018

Create your own life!

Every word that we utter creates the future!


The simple part that many do not understand is that every thought we have and every word that we utter creates the future! It is as if our thoughts go into the universe, they are accepted and come back to us as experiences. It is simple, but many people do not know it, do not understand it, have not heard of it, and it seems ridiculous to them. But if you accept that whenever you think something or you say a word you cherish the future ... you create your own life!


It's very simple ... but it's not easy to accept!

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