1. For how long do Startonight products shine in the dark?

Depending on the received intensity of light and the time of exposure to natural or ambient light, as well as the degree of darkness in which they are looked at, all Startonight products can illuminate in the dark up to 8 hours, with no electricity consumption whatsoever. The human eye (used with the darkness) can observe the light emission until the intensity of approximately 0,3 milicandels. The visible light issued by our products can be observed for approximately 8-9 hours, after that time it will be difficult for the human eye to distinguish the light emission from the materials. These materials possess excellent physical and chemical properties, can be used indoor or outdoor or in extreme environment, are able to resist under ultraviolet influence, and maintain their performance basically after thousand hours of exposure to 300W high-voltage mercury lamp. The tests made in laboratories showed that the light emission period for Startonight Lumin-X photopolymer inks used to make Startonight products was measured up to 14 hours, after a previous exposure of 30 minutes to a 40Watt fluorescent tube.


The tests were made under the following conditions:

1. Afterglow brightness was inspected and tested by brightness instrument LS-100. The afterglow is measured under D65 standard illuminant after being excited for 10 minutes by 1000 lx.

2. Environmental temperature: 22°C ±3°C

3. Relative humidity: RH<70%


2. What do Startonight products contain and how do they work?

Made of the latest materials and technology, with special luminous organic crystals and rare minerals, they have the capacity to absorb and store light energy coming from any source of light, and then release it for several hours in the dark. Basically, the photoactive and photo reflective materials that the Startonight products work on the principle of batteries, that, instead of electrical current, charge with “ambient light” that will be released several hours later in the dark until the reserves stored inside the crystals are used up. An important aspect to remember is that the products that have not been exposed to light (charged) will not issue any light in the dark!


3. What is the procedure of luminous energy recharge of Startonight products?

In order to recharge with the Startonight products with light energy, they should receive sufficient direct light that will be later constantly released in the dark. Depending on the material or medium they are made of, all our products can emit light several hours in the dark and can be repeatedly charged by mere exposure to any source of light.

Methods of charging or recharging:

- The best recharging source is direct sunlight, requiring 15-20 minute exposure.

- Fluorescent lamps (neon) with white, blue or ultraviolet light, requiring 20-25 minutes exposure;

- Economic bulbs (miniature neon) with cold light - 6700 K, requiring minimum 25-30 minutes exposure.

- Filament bulbs are not recommended for recharging the Startonight products as they emit 95% heat and 5% light only. However, if placed near them, the Startonight products recharge to a maximum 50-60% capacity.

- All Startonight products should be exposed to a source of luminous energy in order to recharge, and then shine in the dark. The best results are provided by fluorescent lamps (neon) or economic bulbs.

- Using a ''Black light'' (BL) fluorescent light tube, one can obtain a maximum recharge yield of the Startonight products in about 25-30 minutes of running and an accentuated color brightness that makes them more easily to see.


4. Brightness issued by Startonight products is strong or disturbing?

Light emission from the Startonight products is low intensity, discreet and pleasant, not disturbing for the eyes or sleep. Because of their discreet intensity, the Startonight products are destined especially for interior applications.  In exceptional cases, they can be used in outdoor applications but only in very dark places, where during the night there are not many artificial light sources.


5. Light emission is continuing or decreases in time?

In the first minutes of illumination in the dark the intensity of light emission of the Startonight products can achieve and even surpass 4000±5%mcd (in the first minute). The intensity of light is the highest in the first hour and gradually decreases until the human eye do not perceive any light emission.


6. Are there special conditions for viewing products?

The lighting properties of products can be seen with the naked eye, only in darkness. To achieve maximum visual effects, it is recommended to view the Startonight products under full darkness, but after they were charged.


7. Do Stratonight products require regular or permanent maintenance in order to glow?

The Stratonight products do not require permanent or periodical maintenance; it is enough to comply with the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer.


8. What is the life time for these products?

In normal use, without physical-chemical interventions on the structure and integrity of products, the life time can reach and even exceed 20 years.


9. Are the Startonight products toxic or harmless?

The Startonight products are made from materials and elements which are both physically and chemically stable do not contain phosphorus, heavy metals, radioactive or toxic additives and do not harm health or the environment.


10. Can there be made custom orders?

Some items can be customized according to your requirements. For custom orders, please contact the technical service department.

Our technical service department was created for helping in any technical matter, for choosing the right product, for ordering customized products, for giving specialized consultancy services for decorating with special Startonight SFX applicable in kindergartens, night-clubs, Laser Tag, Paint Ball, Bowling, Pools. According to any demands, each of our clients is assigned a technical consultant. Questions, requests or customize products for your orders will come into his responsibility, he will oversee the whole process or released until the final and will monitor the activity for you to focus attention to other projects.

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